A contemporary blend of engaging forms and features, mixed with subtle, polished undertones of simplicity & functionality.

Miramar Development

Miramar is intent on becoming a strong community.

  • GatherCommon Areas

    The common areas are for everyone to share and have fun with. The pool area, rooftop palapas, party palapas & barbecue nook are all spaces designed for fun & function. Find cozy places to gather with friends and family or to curl up in, with a book.

  • LivingEnjoy home

    Enjoy simple, elegant & functional spaces. The basics are covered but the all important land-line telephone device does not ring; the Internet is used on your own terms and from time to time, it does make up its own mind not to work. Take your time.

  • InfrastructureRest easy

    The basics. Sewer, water, eletricity & plenty of help if or when you decide you need it. Pride is taken in maintaining these basics. Structures, land, & basic services are priority one. Cellular service is reliable but our wireless Internet service is charmingly spotty.

  • Life & CommunityImmerse yourself

    Immersion. If it is not your native language, your Español becomes better by the day because it has to. Groceries come from several local faces instead of one supermarket. You walk to the community soccer championship for school-age children in the afternoon because there is nothing more important to do. Live.

Feb 15 2014

Miramar Development is maturing into a tranquil green oasis. Our mountainside location offers the cooling benefit of an outflowing breeze during the night as the land cools, and an often brisk inflow from the ocean during the day. We have not considered installing air conditioning, although it is roughed in to all units. The graceful palapa over our south west facing terraces, allows us to gather in comfort on even the warmest of afternoons.

The steep winding road up to Miramar has at times in rainy season been virtually impassable. It has gobbled up many hours of attention by an expensive bladed backhoe, as well as much hand labour. This fall we watched with great anticipation as day by day the miracle of two lanes of concreted road wound its way up the mountain. Over time, this investment will save the development a good deal of cash.

Our trees have grown so rapidly that we find they are provide not only shade but also an effective sound barrier. As sound always rises and we live above a very busy Mexican town, this is an unexpected benefit.

Miramars own water well is easily meeting our requirements with tasty, potable clear water. A new heavy duty pump was installed this week in order to pipe under ground service to the developments many lots. Currently Miramars third house in the midst of construction, to be ready for possession by inmid March. As it reaches completion construction crews will move to condo building #2, completing condos #9 and # 10.

Four years of watching prospective buyers shy away from the sticky logistics of decorating furnishing, and outfitting a condo on a limited schedule, has lead us to take action. We will soon offer for sale our first fully outfitted, furnished Condo. Discover our bold and experienced use of color and space. Expect artistic touches, unique quality linens, custom window treatments and beautiful perota tables, designed and built here in Chila.

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